…the story of black philanthropy isn’t just about a wealthy elite, but the masses of people committed to giving back whatever they can.
— Jacqueline Copeland-Carson, Tracey Webb, Valaida Fullwood - Founders of Black Philanthropy Month

The POISE100 is an idea turned into action. We believe that one path to influence is through the organized partnership of people and resources. The POISE100 is a collective of people committed to making an investment that focuses on positively shaping outcomes for families and their community.

The reach of the POISE Foundation spans the breadth of the Pittsburgh Region. The POISE100 is organized to expand their community of investor givers.

The POISE100 will focus its giving toward the General Fund so that POISE can continue to invest in programs that strengthen families, enhance education, spur community development, and help to stabilize our communities.