UNRESTRICTED FUNDS are used to promote the mission and objectives of the Foundation.

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Beafus and Mayple McAfee Trust Fund
Established in 1992 by the friends, family and members of Emory United Methodist Church in honor of Beafus and Mayple McAffee. Income is unrestricted.

Collective Impact Fund
A pooled collective fund to invest in high impact community initiatives.

Ernest L. Lee, Sr. Memorial Fund
Established in 1987 by family and friends. Income is unrestricted, with preference given to organizations in which Mr. Lee had special interests.

POISE Endowment Fund
Established in 1981 as an unrestricted fund by the Misters, Inc., Pittsburgh Afro-American Investment and Development Association (PAID), and UMP Investment Club. It is designed as a permanent endowment for memorials, yearly donations, grants, and other gifts. This fund is used for public giving.