List of Current Fiscal Sponsor Partners

African American Leadership Association (Model C) This organization was started by Bernadette Turner and Darcel Madkins to address issues relevant to current and future African American leaders within the Pittsburgh Community. It is a member based organization dedicated to providing African Americans and minorities with: exposure, enrichment, opportunities and access to leadership positions.

Alliance for Police Accountability (Model C) The APA is a grassroots organization dedicated to criminal justice reform, specializing in bettering community and police relations through advocacy, education, and policy. We partner regionally and nationally on various social justice issues, including campaigns focused on protocol for interacting/responding to the police, racism, political engagement, and violence. APA ENSURES THE VOICES OF THE PEOPLE ARE HEARD and that the community is included in the making of decisions that affect them. We host conversations in which community members, law enforcement, and local politicians have candid dialogue about the state of their community focusing on a plan to ensure a safe and healthy quality of life for all.
The Alliance for Police Accountability (APA) is committed to putting an end to racial profiling and police brutality. We are committed to putting an end to street violence by eradicating concentrated poverty. We are committed to take action against any form of injustice within the criminal justice system, creating necessary reform and reversing the war on drugs. The APA is an alliance of diverse organizations and individuals working for justice. We demand that those responsible for criminal justice and law enforcement be held accountable.

Amachi Pittsburgh Inc. (Model C) The mission of Amachi Pittsburgh Inc is to empower young minds to overcome the challenges of parental incarceration and to reach their full potential through one-on-one mentoring, family strengthening and reunification support, and leadership development and youth organizing. They are nationally recognized and award winning as the only organization in the Pittsburgh area with a distinct focus on children of prisoners promise.

African American Neighborhoods of Choice (Model B) This is an Urban Neighborhood Research and Data Collection  program focused on collecting new information on the perceptions of young working-age African Americans, to understand what influences their desirability to live in historically African American, urban neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.

Good Neighbor Project (Model A)

Maleness to Manhood (Model A) This fund was established in 2010 by Darnell Dinkins. Grants will be awarded to support inner city youth programs and other charitable purposes. An advisory committee will recommend programs.

Orange Arrow (Model C) Founded in 2013, its mission is to coach young athletes to aim for success off the field.  They offer engaging, sports-themed programming designed to develop winners outside of the sports realm.

Pittsburgh Peace and Justice Initiative (Model A) This partnership supports an initiative of the Pittsburgh Black Elected Officials Coalition (PBEOC), for a project to develop a Public Policy Agenda impacting Pittsburgh’s African American community.  The Project focuses on creating a partnership with Pittsburgh’s African-American communities and State, County and Local Governments to increase public safety, improve the quality of life and ensure the delivery of fair and impartial public safety services.

Project Mayhem (Model C) is a nonprofit organization created by Aaron Maybin to provide aid, both personal and economic, to underprivileged and at risk youth to excel beyond their current conditions.

Russel Okung UP Foundation (Model C) created by Russell Okung with a mission to give back to the community by reaching out to children of single parent homes while offering them hope through activities and information on the importance of a good education and social responsibility.

Sankofa Fund of Southwest PA (Model A) The Sankofa Fund of Southwest PA (the Sankofa Fund) is a giving circle created in 2006 consisting of a group of individual African American philanthropist who have joined together to strategically invest their time, talent and resources towards the issues and organizations determined by the circle.