Let’s Make History!

Please join us for our #1HOUR4POISE CAMPAIGN!  POISE seeks to have 1,000 people donate at least 1 hour of their salary to POISE during August, Black Philanthropy Month.

Why is your support important?

Through collective giving, POISE has invested millions of dollars, supported thousands of families and sponsored dozens of organizations.

  • Small dollar donations and collective action seeded POISE Foundation, one of the nation’s largest, independent, Black-led and Black serving community foundations.

  • Collective giving is at the center of our work. Your donation is critical to continue these rich traditions of giving in and for our community.

  • Your support will allow us to continue to make philanthropy accessible to all.

  • Collective action will help change the narrative of philanthropy in our community and will help expand our grants and community outreach.

  • Just 1 hour of your salary can make a huge difference for POISE. This type of collective giving is what created POISE and what will sustain the organization for years to come.

Having 1,000 people donate in one month would be historic for POISE.  Let’s make history! Please support our #1HOUR4POISE Campaign.  And challenge your friends and family to join the campaign too!

POISE Infographic final v2.png